Welcome to the world of Mesesh

Hello and thank you for checking out our game, the ARPG Sandspire of Mesesh. An ARPG is an art roleplaying game, where you level your characters and improve their skills with artwork! This ARPG is based around the fictional species of Avlets. Avlets are an exotic species of desert dragon native to Mesesh and much of the way of life has involved to include them. Mesesh exists many thousands of years in the future, long after the rise and fall of man & technology as we know it today.

Our Alpha phase has concluded and the game is now open for any and everyone! Feel free to stop by the Discord if you have any questions.

Recent Updates

2.2.19 - Store Restocks & Contest Extensions - Howdy folks! I'm a day late on the restock announcement, my apologies! Also, the website previously didn't list a stock amount for all items, mistakenly. This has since been updated and the shops have been restocked! Additionally, for clarification, both USD & Fulgurite Shard primogenitor slot purchases never go out of stock, you can always purchase slots to primogenitors to breed!

I know people are still trickling in and we still have only had a few contest entries, and not everyone has had a chance to adopt their genos & get them designed yet. If you're new, or if you're not new but never adopted a geno from Crystal Cavern, please take a look at the Adoption Center! We want everyone to be able to have an Avlet to use for the beginning of the upcoming plot event, because you'll need an Avlet of your very own to participate! Everyone can adopt 1 geno completely for free!

In the meantime while people are still getting their genos designed, I've come up with a little event for the season that will be launching soon. It will just be a small one that will happen yearly, but it won't require you have an Avlet of your own if you're not ready yet. That way we can still get some activities going before the plot events start. Keep an eye out, you should see it go live here in the coming days :^D

Finally, in regards to the contests, they are being extended since we only had a couple people enter! Please be sure to take a look at the 1/15 Public Launch news update to go over the different contests and join in for a nice reward!

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