Breeding Overview

Before breeding your Avlet, they must have completed their Oaths and received their Geode of Asulla. After that, you are free to breed your Avlet. Not sure what the Oaths are? Read about them and submit your Oaths for approval HERE!

Avlets of the Nameless standing start out with 5 breeding slots. You can get more breeding slots by moving up in Standing, read more about that here.

Players can submit 3 breedings per month, and may participate in 2 splits where another player posts the breeding per month. Can't remember how many breedings you've had this month? Keep track of those here.

Breeding Rules

The biggest rule when it comes to breeding is that you cannot sell breeding slots to an Avlet if they do not have any, or if they have not completed their Oaths. The only time you can make deals for breeding slots that aren't available is when you are trading slots in exchange for someone else doing all of their Oaths. This does mean that you cannot have one artist do the Avlet's Oath to Asulla, one their Oath to Etmir, and one their Oath to Oteus - they all have to be done by the same artist. The reason for this is because if you have one person each and one person doesn't follow through, the other two people get stuck having to wait an eternity for their promised slots! We hate to be a stickler on this but have seen it cause issues in the past!

"Unlimited slots" where you sell the ability for a person to breed your Avlet whenever they want cannot be sold.

You must have the breeding slot permission of the player who owns any Avlets you are breeding that you do not personally own.

Keep track of how many of your own Avlet's breeding slots have been used here.

Inbreeding is not allowed in Mesesh! The sale, trade, and breeding of exotic creatures is very strictly regulated by the Judges of Kraagend to ensure safety for all creatures.

Breeding Statistics

Looking for how certain markings, base coats, mutations, etc. pass? You can check out all of that information here. An official breeding roller is coming soon!

Breeding Slot Permissions

Click here to submit a slot permission for another player to use.

Breeding Requests

Click here to submit a breeding request.