Being a world of superstition and mystery, there are a few deities that are spoken of on Mesesh. Not everyone believes they exist, but many do, and some even choose to worship specific deities. The deities on Mesesh are referred to as daemons. Here is more information about the known daemons.


Etmir is the daemon of strength, war, and pride. There is some argument over what form Etmir takes. Avlets believe Etmir to also be an Avlet, and believe that a blessing from him may make an Avlet more powerful. They make Oaths to him by showing feats of physical prowess.

Humes on the other hand aren't so sure - they believe Etmir may be a Dune Wyrm. Possibly the progenitor of all Dune Wyrms. This can be the source of occasional argument. Some people & Avlets alike claim to have seen him, but no sightings can be confirmed.


Oteus is the daemon of wisdom, technology, and magic. If anyone has seen Oteus, it has been many millenia. The daemon has been significantly absent from interfering in the lives of the species of Mesesh. Oteus is thought to take the form of an angel or a dragon, some kind of large winged being.

Avlets make their Oaths to Oteus by displaying control over a magical or technological event. Most Hume outside Avlet owners tend not to speak of Oteus, as they are still suspicious of anything related to technology or magic much of the time.


Asulla is the one daemon that originated with the Avlets with no real cross-over to Hume mythology. Asulla is the daemon of fertility & bounty. Avlets make their Oaths to her by practicing mating rituals or preparing large harvests. Asulla has never been seen, but is thought to be the source of magic causing oases to pop up in the middle of the desert. She is rumoured to take on the form of a giant, colorful bird with a human face or mask.