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Where can my Avlet obtain a familiar?
Familiars can be obtained from other users, events, some activities, or purchased from either the Wild Expanse Menagerie or Glowing Door Tech & Scraps in Kraagend Shopping District.

What are Titles and how do I get them?
Titles are just that - they are just titles that are given to your Avlet and they serve no purpose other than decoration essentially. Titles are acquired through site-wide plot events, certain phases will have the prize of a title in addition to all of the other rewards. Titles cannot be traded or sold, your Avlet must have participated in the event to have the title applied.

What races can handlers be?
Riders can be any bipedal creature. You can also use tauric creatures but they would have to run alongside your Avlet as they would be too big to ride it.

How do I know which background to choose for my Avlet?
Your Avlet's background and region are something you get to choose! Your Avlet can travel and do activities in any region, but you get bonus SP for drawing your Avlet on the background that matches their region, so you should pick the region that fits your character best or that you like to draw the most. This can be changed with an ID card you can purchase from the Shopping District.

Who are the artists of the artwork in the game?
The original import lineart is by crocutaqueen with edits made by tv-island. The environment art found on the website and the front page is by Banzz. The import backgrounds are by Lairai. The item art is by Reviro. The artwork on the races page of the website is by tv-island.

What are the races that can canonically be found in Mesesh? What do they look like? How tall are they? In comparison to Avlets?
This can be found on the Races page.

Can I put multiple activities, Oaths, etc. on one canvas?
Yes! So long as they each have distinguished edges this is fine. For activities you will want to be sure to specify which image on the canvas is the one being rolled but otherwise as long as we can tell each one apart and they have distinct backgrounds, you are a-okay!

Pronunciation Guide

How do you pronounce Avlet?
AV-lett, where the A rhymes with the a in "cat". Sort of rhymes with "tablet".

How do you pronounce Mesesh?
meh-SESH. The Es rhyme with the e in "bet".

How do you pronounce Kraagend?

Are you sure that G in Kraagend isn't a soft G?

Are you suuuuure it's not pronounce Kra-jend?
Yes. And GIF is pronounced with a hard G.

How do you pronounce Asulla?
uh-SOO-luh. The "soo" isn't quite "soo" but I can't think of a better way to describe it. It's somewhere between a long o and a short o.

How do you pronounce Oteus?
OH-dee-us. Sort of like the end of the word "melodius".

How do you pronounce Etmir?
ETT-meer. The E in in ett rhymes with the e in "bet".


What are the Discord bots? What do they do? Should I be worried?
The Discord bots help us out with member management and fun things. Mee6 is used to help welcome new members and managing bans, mutes, etc. It will also help out with posting reminders about events. Starboard is a highlights channel - if you react so anything with a star emoji it will put it in the starboard channel which serves as a highlight channel for good content, funny jokes, etc. Rythm powers our mysterious-music-box voice channel, a jukebox channel where no one can speak and a playlist of video-game music that serves as inspiration for the ARPG plays around the clock.


Who was the first Avlet to obtain their Oaths?
068 Soup

Who was the first ever bred Avlet?
099 Pen, born to parents 068 Soup and 072 Rowan

Who was the first Avlet to raise their standing?
013 Slick