Leasing Overview

We allow our members to lease their Avlets to other players for certain activities. The typical benefit of leasing your Avlet is that someone gets to use their abilities & bonuses in activities to bring back potentially better or more items, but your Avlet gets free SP out of the deal.

We are not able to moderate leasing deals for specific SP amounts, breeding slots, etc. Our leasing program just serves as a place for you to store permissions so that others can use it as proof when using your Avlet to do an activity. You will have to moderate the terms of your agreement yourself. If a deal has been finished or is cancelled, be sure to comment as such as a reply to your original proof.

You can only lease an Avlet for Hunting, Fishing, Foraging, or Scavenging to prevent any confusion with possible injuries.

Click here to write up a leasing permission.