Rules Overview

Like any group, we do have some rules. These must be followed. If you break these rules, you are at risk of receiving a warning. If you have already received a warning for the behavior in question and break the rule again, you will be banned. Once banned, you will be given 2 weeks to sell or trade your Avlets & Avlet items away. After 2 weeks, or if you break the rules again during those 2 weeks, your Avlets will be marked as Exiled, which means they can never be used again! This might sound scary, but our rules are pretty simple. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Player Rules

Respect - We want this to be a fun game that people enjoy. Please respect your fellow players! Any harassment or inflammatory remarks (i.e. racism, sexism, etc.) will be subject to a warning, or a ban if you have already been warned. Treat people how you want to be treated and the group will be a better place!

Mini Modding - If you are not on the administrator or moderator team, please refrain from trying to enforce the rules of the group. If you see someone breaking the rules, please inform a moderator or administrator ASAP. Additionally, if someone asks a question related to a group activity that you are not already directly aware of the answer to, please wait for an administrator or moderator to answer it. This is to try and help cut down on misinformation as we want everyone to be as on-board with the correct info as possible! That way there's no confusion about group mechanics.

TWs & CWs - Overall, this is a game and a PG-13 one at that. Please avoid discussing or sharing content that could be triggering to others in the context of the game (i.e. gore, mental illness, abuse, etc.). This is not to say these things don't happen in Mesesh, but more so is a request to leave more personal topics out of the game to create a welcoming environment to other players. If someone asks you to add a TW or CW to a post regarding the group, that's a good indicator that it might not be the right kind of content for our group, but even so please honor those kinds of requests so we can avoid as much conflict as possible.

Art & Group Content Rules

Tracing & Reference - Absolutely no tracing is allowed in this group at any time. If you need a reference for drawing, please make sure to use content that is licensed in a way that is okay to use for reference - don't just use Google images! And if you do use a reference, please link to it in your upload. Due to the nature of the ability to sell/trade/etc. imports/uploads, photo stock or photorealistic brushes (i.e. a brush that looks exactly like a real cloud taken from a photograph) cannot be used on import designs! It must be entirely your work

Rating - Please keep all artwork to a PG-13 rating. Since anyone can use dA we need to adhere by their rules. COPPA states that anyone over 13 can use the site and join our group, and we want to be respectful of your younger members. This means no heavy gore, sexual content, etc.

Ownership Rules

Co-owning - Co-owning of Avlets is not allowed. Because co-owning can get messy with who gets to keep the Avlet if something goes awry between the owners, we just don't allow it.

Leasing - Leasing of Avlets is allowed under certain conditions, please see the Leasing guide for more information.

Administration & Moderators

Admin Harassment - if you are having an issue with a specific administrator or moderator, please message tv-island directly with information. We take all harassment and disrespect very seriously, that includes from our own staff. This is also a two-way street - we do not tolerate the harassment of our administrators or moderators and warnings will be given if you are intentionally being inflammatory and disrespectful.

Selling Rules

Moderation - We do not moderate the sales of gemstones/genos or in-game items. The only types of sales we moderate are semi-custom sales, which cannot be sold for more than they were purchased - this excludes already uploaded semi-customs and is only in reference to semi-custom slots. Be sure to be clear when you are trading or selling something. If you are requiring an Avlet's name or information to be wiped upon purchase, make sure you state that very clearly in your sale journal or comment. If you are doing deals for SP or activity rolls, don't be afraid to give a deadline or ask the artist to give themselves a deadline. Sometimes deals fall through, it's an inevitable part of life, so make sure you are very clear down to the letter for all of your sales so you don't end up losing money, Avlets, or items! If you feel you have been scammed (i.e. someone's SP didn't add up to what you agreed upon and they refuse to fix it when you've already upheld your part of the deal, someone files a chargeback, etc.) feel free to contact a moderator or administrator with more information so we can look into it.

Scamming - Be aware that intentionally scamming other users is an instantly bannable offense. Scamming includes filing chargebacks, using a credit card or Paypal account you legally do not have the right to use (which can lead to chargebacks), not turning over an Avlet's ownership when you've already received payment, etc.

Breeding Rules

Oaths - The biggest rule when it comes to breeding is that you cannot sell breeding slots to an Avlet if they do not have any, or if they have not completed their Oaths and received their Geode of Asulla. The only time you can make deals for breeding slots that aren't available is when you are trading slots in exchange for someone else doing all of their Oaths. This does mean that you cannot have one artist do the Avlet's Oath to Asulla and another do their Oath to Oteus, they have to both be done by the same artist. The reason for this is because if you have one person do the Oath to Asulla, and then the person who was supposed to do the Oath to Oteus doesn't finish theirs, the person who did the Asulla will end up waiting even longer or possibly never get the slot that was promised to them. We hate to be a stickler on this but have seen it cause issues in the past! Note: If you are solely commissioning someone to do an Oath, you can commission 3 different artists to do them if you want, this only applies to trades for slots.

Unlimited Slots - Unlimited slots where you sell for a person to breed your Avlet whenever they want cannot be sold unless your Avlet has already reached Bloodsworn! We do not allow for deals that are arranged like "My Avlet is only a Nameless but I will give unlimited breeding slots if you will do 500SP to get them to Bloodsworn for me." To sell unlimited slots, your Avlet must be Bloodsworn. No exceptions.

Advertisement Rules

Folders - To try and cut down on the high amount of repeat-journals we see in other ARPGs, you are allowed to have a limited number of advertisements in the Advertisements folders. You can have 1 advertisement for each of the following:
- Slot sales
- Item sales
- Gemstone/geno/import sales
- Art sales
- Seeking journal
You can remove them and resubmit them only once per day. Any more than that and your journal will be rejected. Please do not submit individual journals for each of your Avlet's slot sales, keep them confined to one journal of slot sales for all your Avlets. Any more is just unnecessary!