Avlets are a closed species by Artem and their partner, Jay. They are a fictional species of desert dragon who inhabit the world of Mesesh. Being that they are a closed species, you cannot make your own. To get your very own Avlet you will need to obtain one. View the Newbie Guide for more information.


Avlets are long, thin but athletic creatures. On average, Avlets stand with their shoulders about as high as a Hume's mid-back. Their average weight is somewhere around 300lbs.

These creatures have bat-like ears that can swivel, allowing them to hear across the long and empty desert to check for the presence of Dune Wyrms, the main danger of the world. Their most notable feature is their lithe, long bodies, which while small, have incredible strength and flexibility. This allows them to be both agile and hardy, making them particularly great scavengers, hunters, and transport animals.

They come in a range of base coat colorations and a wide variety of markings, from those that can be seen on other animals in nature to completely unique designs never before seen.


Avlets are not quite as sapient as humes, but are more intelligent than your average pet. They can communicate basic emotions and needs telepathically, though not in as many words as a person would be able to. While quite smart, they lack advanced reasoning skills that humanoids possess, and rely more on instinct for resolving issues. That being said, the intelligence of an Avlet can vary from individual to individual based on random mutation, and you are welcome to roleplay your Avlets how you see fit.


These diets are omnivores by necessity. Their diets consist mostly of meat & desert plants, though they can also eat insects and fruit. Wild Avlets, while rare, tend to hunt in packs for safety. Dune Wyrms are a significant danger due to their speed and size, so it often requires multiple Avlets to take one down. It would be quite the challenge for just one. Due to being mostly muscle, a hunted Dune Wyrm can provide enough meat for quite some time.


The process of Avlet reproduction is still a mystery. Avlets are often polyamorous and have many mates throughout their lives. When they connect to each other and decide to reproduce, they build a nest at the top of a desert dune under the twilight, then sleep tightly together for warmth. In the morning, buried beneath their nest are gemstones, which, within a week or two, will magically transform into Avlet pups during the night.