The Eighteenth Age

Time has been counted in ages. Today, we find ourselves in the Eighteenth Age. This new world has been built upon the ruins of the Old World. The empty husks and toppling structures have become refuge to our new society. We may not understand what they left behind, but we can find a use for everything.

The Eighteenth Age is the present setting of the world. Mesesh is mostly sand, with husks of buildings from the old world jutting up here and here. The Sandspire looms in the distance, so tall it can be seen from almost anywhere on Mesesh, a decaying monument to a dead age.

The inhabitants here all kinds of species, namely humanoid. While they have no understanding of magic or the technology the Old World left behind, on a rare occasion some of it still works. There is both much superstition and much fame surrounding what technology is found that does still work. A hoverboard that still functions would be called black magic by some, but would still fetch a pretty penny in the shopping district.

Survival in the desert and in the dark city of Kraagend isn't always easy. It's a desert, food can be hard to come by. There is a numbewr of animals that inhabit the world that are sometimes adopted as companions and other times poached as food. Creatures reminiscent of fennec foxes, wild boar, and zebras can sometimes be found traversing the desert in search of water. It's not always safe to go hunt them though, as Dune Wyrms - ginormous snakes that wind through the sand unseen and could eat several men whole - may be lying in wait.

The last few thousand years, magic from the underground seems to be bubbling to the surface. An oasis in the desert has sprung up. Here, exotic fruits grow and birds make their homes. Water is abundant. But isolation isn't ideal for most. Kraagend has been established for a long time, and people find safety in numbers and in the buildings for cover. A number of people choose to make their homes here, but overall it is typically just full-time foragers who build themselves a shelter until they make trips into Kraagend to sell.

As the world is explored, knowledge expands. But many mysteries still pervade. Our story begins about a decade after the appearance of the first Avlet. A mysterious cub and several iridescent gemstones appeared atg hte foot of the Sandspire one day. In a flash of light the gemstones also transformed into the never-before-seen animal cubs as well. No one knows how or why they appeared. Some believe it to be a gift from the gods. Others believe it to be a bad omen that something could have come from the spire after all this time. You'll have to find out for yourself!